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The universal outbreak, in other words, the pandemic, has rapidly infected our universes. Like the COVID-19 virus changing the world, we seem to be undergoing a mutation with every experience or knowledge we acquire. We’ve started to be addicted to the things we used to say, “I will never do”, to review our lists of indispensables, to reinterpret ourselves, our home, and the concept of distance. In our efforts to understand what happened to us, the words from biology-medicine terminology have been added to our vocabulary, our opinion leaders most of whom consist of doctors and masks, disinfectants which are essential in our daily lives, have taken their places among the new things we have adapted to. But there are also unchanging realities: Protection and avoiding from the new coronavirus has been easier for some of us.

We are face to face with a new reality. We talk about new concepts, we think about them, and we act depending on them. So how do these concepts find their way into our dictionaries? How do we interpret our experiences? What kind of history is written before us?  As the heroes of this history, what do we note in our daily life culture, social history, and individual stories? How will we remember the corona days? Our goal is to ask these questions and similar ones with the participation of people as much as possible and then compile their answers. In other words, we want to write down the civil history or the dictionary of the “infected days”.

We want this dictionary and this collective authorship to make us think collaboratively on the new glossary being developed. 

Would you like to contribute to this conceptual dictionary of this history that we “write” together?

If you say yes, then our framework is more or less as follows: 

  • Please write explanations to the glossary items you pick from the list. The fact that items have already been explained does not prevent adding new text, each concept gains a new meaning every day. The process is rapidly transforming everything.
  • If one item is written by more than one person, similar expressions will be preserved in order not to be repeated, and different or new statements will be added to the text. We expect tolerance of the writers who send texts for the re-touches of editors to maintain the content, consistency, and language unity of the text. It is important to note that you confirm to accept this process by sending texts.
  • You can surely suggest new items. In fact, we encourage you to make suggestions. This is our dictionary. Our editors will evaluate your suggestions on weekly basis and add them to the dictionary.
  • We do not only expect your explanations or concept proposals. Your experiences, another pillar of the study, is also crucial for us. Please share your experiences during the COVID-19 process with us. Different experiences accumulated under the same title will form meaningful traces of the daily history of the pandemic in Turkey.
  • First, we need to write the basic meaning of the concept/expression/word, and the rest will consist of our definition of the concept and our experience if any.  
  • Please provide the explanations in a maximum of 2 paragraphs with a total of 100 words. You can write a little longer if you share an experience. 
  • Authors’ names will be listed collectively as “dictionary authors” at the end of the dictionary, not at the end of each item. If you do not want to share your name, you can share your text with a nickname. 
  • You can contact us by filling out the form for the items selected, explained, or suggested by you.

Please click the link for the items.